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Cleaning Delivery
Continue maintenance one off
Maintaining and developing the gardens
grass cutting
emptying bins
weed control
leaf raking
Planting new trees, flowers and various plants
lawn mowing
Edge trimming
Garden cleaning
Patio/decking cleaning

Our prices vary on individual level of services, requirement and circumstances. But we have a start-up price of approximately 130 a day which works out between £15 and £30 per hour

How we charge Our price range description
Our Minimum price range Our minimum charge includes traveling from and to contract location Client are charge by the hour (rather than a fixed price), which is often based on a minimum hour’s equivalent starting with 2 hour’s work
Our hourly price range Our Rates varies from the type of tools we will be using. Manual or electronic tools The running costs will be different, where electronic tools get the job done more quicker, it will reflect on the price and time on the job.
Our fixed price Our fix prices are mostly base on specific area of job in your garden. A weeding job priced can be fixed if it is only weeding. A lawn cutting work can also be fixed if the work done is only based on lawn cutting and so on. Any other combine or full job which include a combination of multi tasks will be priced hourly. Anything else or additional work can be discuss and agreed upon starting work.

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